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[Server Maintenance] Server Maintenance Completed
[Written at 06.01.2017]

Hello, this is DuckRoad,

Server maintenance Completed.

[Patch List]

- Isis HP Reduced
- Added egy B Chest to NPC
- Added Black / Normal Fur Dress

- Added Item Lock system. Type "!lock YOURPASSWORDHERE" in chat to lock your items. (If you will get hacked without this system enabled we won't help you) You can temporary unlock your items with !tlock YOURPASSWORDHERE and your items will be unlocked untill next DC / relog.
- Increased Job Rates
- Added only 1 Job route Jangan <-> Donwhang <-> Hotan
- Honor Buffs will be given by Job activity now. The More you trade / hunt / thief the more points you will get. (Honor buffs are given at 00:00 Every day)