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[Server Maintenance] Server Maintenance Completed
[Written at 27.02.2017]
Hello this is DuckRoad,

Server maintenance Completed. 

[Patch List]

- Added Dark Arabian Dress. You can buy it in our DuckRoad Avatar Shop.
- Union Chat limit is now set to 50.
- Added Unique Ranking System on our Homepage. Every 2 Weeks it will be resetted and the 1st Place will get the Title "UniqueHunter" for 2 Weeks + 1000 Silks, 2nd Place will get 500 Silks and the 3rd Place will get 250 Silks. (First time on 13.03.2017)
- Added a new Event to our Auto Event Bot "Jeff". LastManStanding: The Event will start 3 Times a day. If you want to join this Event and want to win 150 Silks, just write to [BOT]Jeff  "/reg" at this special Times. (18:00, 20:00 and 22:00)
- Added some STR Uniques
- Resetted the Honor Ranking
- We have added an using delay on the Grains of 14 Seconds
- Changed the +15 Glow
If you got any Question or need Help, you can join our new Live-Support on our Website that named "Livezilla".
We hope you enjoy to play on DuckRoad. If you have any Suggestion please write us an Email to suggestion[at] or just post it on our Forum.

Thank you
- Your DuckRoad Team