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Loginserver:  Online
Gameserver: Online

Server: DuckRoad
Players: ~194 of 4000 are online!

Please read these rules carefully. Handle only by the general etiquette. Every Staff member can act at own discretion if its needed.

§1: Please be friendly and try to act mature.
§2: Bug abusing is not allowed. Report any bug or exploit in our forum.
§3: Every religion and every nation is allowed to play on DuckRoad! Any racist speech will lead to a ban.
§4: Cheating in any way is strictly forbidden.
§5: Multiclient is not allowed in: CTF, Job-Mode, Battle Arena, Fortress War, Events
§6: The Server Staff will not sell or give away any free items. (Except for Events)
§7: Outside buffing is not allowed.
§8: Instructions of the Staff need to be followed in-game.
§9: Multi Client with more then 3 Clients is forbidden. Exceptions could be made if you talk to the admin team before.
§11: Using Proxies and any other method to avoid the IP limit is not allowed
§12: Offensive language will not be tolerated in any forms.
§13: Hacking, Phishing and scamming or other activities like that are handled with a HWID ban.
§14: Advertising for other servers is strictly forbidden and will cause a permanent ip/hwid ban.
$15: PK people during an event is not allowed.
§16: Selling gold or items for real money is not allowed and will cause a ban. You won't get support if you get scammed or hacked if you buy or sell gold/items/accounts for real money.
§17: If you tell a lie to the GM's about what happened with anything of your accounts, to get back your items (because you failed it in alchemy or something like that), you can get punished.
§18: Trading items for items of other servers is forbidden.
§19: A GM can decide how long the ban will last.
§20: Spamming is not allowed.